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Litecrete and Commercial Construction

For many years architects and engineers have chosen precast concrete because it offers exceptional versatility, speed of enclosure and durability. Litecrete lightweight precast has further extended these boundaries by offering superior fire resistance, 40% weight reduction and accelerated construction schedules. Litecrete can help to reduce the overall deadload on the structure, twice the volume can be shipped at each delivery, longer reach can be achieved with the crane and installation can continue during inclement weather. When used as clip-on cladding on to a steel structure, smaller steel members can be used, compared to standard precast concrete, thus saving construction costs.


  • Half the weight of normal concrete
  • Cladding, intertenancy wall options
  • Built-in insulation
  • Rot, mould and moisture proof
  • 4-hour fire resistance
  • Excellent acoustic systems
  • Large panel sizes
  • Accelerated construction schedules

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